Fight climate change

Updated 10/30/2020 11:44 AM

The country grapples with a contentious election, the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court issue, problems with the economy and other issues. It is truly a chaotic period in the nation's history.

Meanwhile, the window for addressing the longer-term but existential problem of climate change is getting smaller. Sea levels are rising as polar ice melts threatening millions of people living in coastal areas. Fires are burning in vast areas along the west coast. Storms and hurricanes increasingly damage the gulf states. And other longer-term climate change consequences have yet to manifest themselves.


Scientists are working to more clearly understand the climate change problem and possible ways to avert forecast disasters. But understanding is not enough. It takes science based initiatives and actions to change the deadly course the country is on.

Even as the country deals with more immediate problems Illinois Congressional District 6 Rep. Sean Casten is showing his commitment to pressing forward on the longer-term but nevertheless very important concern over climate change by introducing legislation designed to cut carbon pollution.

The many Casten campaign signs displayed around Illinois Congressional District 6 indicate strong support for Sean Casten. He has demonstrated his commitment to responsibly represent the district by his many town halls discussing a broad range of issues as well as taking leadership roles in Washington. It is important that this momentum continue. Vote for Sean Casten to represent Illinois Congressional District 6 on or before Nov. 3.

John Wersyn

Lake Barrington

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