Lawmaker truly cares

Posted10/28/2020 1:00 AM

I am writing this letter in strong support of Tom Morrison for my state representative. Of all the politicians I have ever known, Tom stands out as one who truly cares about helping his constituents instead of simply caring about himself. A perfect example is the fact that Tom was the first legislator to refuse to take the legislative pension offered him, which tells me that Tom doesn't want to be "part of the problem" but instead wants to be "part of the solution."

Another reason I support Tom is his accessibility. When was the last time a politician called you back personally instead of from a staff person? If you live in my district, it probably happens as often as it has been for me. Then there were the multiple times Tom simply showed up at events such as when my daughters participated in the local 4-H Fair. He not only showed up but was eager to talk with us, interested in what we had to say.


During the last election I was worried that Tom would lose, not due to his performance but solely due to the amount of money his challenger was receiving from the likes of Michael Madigan, to the tune of around $1.4 million.

The same thing is happening again.

Fortunately enough people voted the last time that actually knew enough about Tom to counter the massive amount of money being spent against him.

Finally, when was the last time you were on a first-name basis with any politician? If you live in Tom Morrison's district probably all the time when he routinely calls you back personally.

Mark Evenson


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