Anti-tax misinformation

Updated 10/27/2020 8:41 AM

If anyone wants to be persuasive and honest about voting against the changes to the Illinois constitution regarding taxes, it would be interesting what you have to say other than the "information" put out by the "vote no" contingent -- which is nothing more than misinformation.

The representatives in Springfield have always been able to increase taxes under the current Illinois constitution. The proposed changes to Article IX do not alter that fact. The argument that the proposed change to the Constitution will hurt farmers and small businesspeople (aren't most Illinois farmers small businesspeople?) is highly questionable. Given that the legislature has already passed the tax schedule that will go into effect if the proposed change is approved means that only the businesses and farms that have high incomes will be taxed more -- the 5% who earn more than $250,00 a year. How many of you wish you had this problem?


Lastly, I do not want to forget the "taxes and spending are out of control" argument. For the phrase to mean anything, I would like to read what specifically is out of control. What are the state services that are out of control? We certainly have a pension funding problem, but beyond that, what is being referred to? I am all ears.

If you believe that people and businesses should pay a higher percentage of their income as their income rises above certain levels, then vote yes. If you believe that people and businesses should pay the same percentage of their income regardless of their income, then vote no.

That is the choice. If you vote yes, you should have a good policy reason for doing so. If you vote no, I expect the same. That is the least our democracy demands.

Paul Setze

Sleepy Hollow

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