Where is health plan?

Updated 10/21/2020 8:48 AM

In response to Jim Thompson's Oct. 17 letter asking why Vice President Biden will not share his list of candidates for the Supreme Court: It's a totally hypothetical situation and one which isn't relevant. President Trump and the Republicans have stacked the Supreme Court with their picks. Why should Joe Biden say who might be on his list of nominees when the next opening on the Court might not be for five, 10 or 15-plus years?

My question, which is much more relevant, is why, why, why haven't President Trump and the Republicans shared their better, cheaper health care plan that they promised four years ago would replace the Affordable Care Act? One would think they would have at least had a "rough draft" ready to present to the American voters in time for the election. They don't have a plan, that's why.


Diane Hecht

Arlington Heights

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