Two points that lead to Trump

Posted10/18/2020 1:00 AM

I gave up listening to the Daily Herald's endorsements years ago after realizing that they were just a restatement of either the local or national Democratic Party's candidates' talking points. President Trump is a better choice than Joe Biden despite his loud, sometimes over the top personality. Since I only have 300 words, I'll only make two points to support that conclusion.

First, when President Trump acted in January of this year to establish the White House Coronavirus Task Force and to block travel to the U.S. from China, Joe Biden and the Democrats called him xenophobic and racist. They basically told people to ignore the virus and to continue to frequent crowded tourist attractions in New York City and San Francisco while they continued to focus on their Ukraine impeachment effort. Joe Biden continued to hold rallies into March before seeing the light on the virus but now claims with 20/20 hindsight that he would have done things sooner and better than Trump.


Second, recently a reporter asked Biden whether the voters deserved to know his stand on Supreme Court packing and his answer was "No, they don't deserve" it. Once again, we see the disdain the Democratic ruling class has for the average voter. Imagine if President Trump had answered a reporter's question in a similar fashion. He would be pilloried by the mainstream media, and Democrats would be calling him a would be king or dictator. The idea that we have to elect Joe Biden to find out what he stands for is contradictory to a free democracy.

David Swanson


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