Nation needs Biden's fundamental decency

Posted10/18/2020 1:00 AM

I agree with the Daily Herald's endorsement of Joe Biden for U.S. president. Being in close age to Mr. Biden, I have followed his career in the Senate, noting that he ran for president more than once. Some may want to compare him to Jack Kennedy and the Kennedy family.

Although he is of Irish Catholic roots, wealth and the privileges that wealth bring were not part of his background. He is fundamentally a decent man deriving his values through his family and religion. Early in his career he cultivated relationships with African Americans never forgetting that his constituents were of a diverse background.


Overcoming a serious stutter as a child enabled him to persevere under very difficult circumstances. Combining this with the innate compassion he possesses, he was able to forge a political career at the highest levels. He has considerable skill managing governmental policies -- he knows how to work for compromise across the aisle.

He is not without controversy, as any politician would be serving lengthy time in the U.S. Senate. Fundamentally, he will preserve our democracy and lead us in the direction of a hoped-for unity.

The contrast between him and the current president could not be greater.

Therese Carpizo

West Dundee

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