President showed how it's done

Updated 10/17/2020 8:15 AM

I commend President Trump for demonstrating, through self-sacrificing personal experience, how we should confront and defeat the COVID-19 coronavirus. First, if you have symptoms of the virus, get tested and make sure that the test produces a result within hours, rather than six or seven days.

Then, if the test is positive, quickly check in to a first-class medical facility. Go by helicopter if necessary. Once there, assemble your medical team. Do not accept any fewer than 10 physicians, all experts in their field. Make sure that you get the very latest in drugs and other medical treatments. Then, when feeling better, insist that you be allowed to return home, where your personal medical team is waiting to make sure that your recovery continues.


If we, the general public, had been aware of this treatment, we too would not be afraid of the virus and would certainly not allow it to dominate our lives. I blame the leftist socialist liberal Democrats for concealing this very powerful treatment from us, for their own nefarious purposes, and will be forever grateful that President Trump, great and compassionate leader that he is, took the time to show us the way.

Dick Page


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