Unwanted censorship

Updated 9/8/2020 9:46 AM

Recently, Hub Arkush berated Brian Urlacher about a statement made by Mr. Urlacher. I read Mr. Urlacher's paragraph over and over and every word is accurate and true. Mr. Arkush calls it inappropriate, ignorant and wrong. So, now truth gets a label because it doesn't fit a particular narrative. Wow, thanks for your censorship, Mr. Arkush. Who granted you the right? Goodbye to your future writings.

Next, a Chicago Cub decided to sit out a scheduled ballgame -- no ramifications, no nothing. A man of character would have said to his boss, "I'm sitting out this ballgame for this reason and you should dock my prorated pay for the day, or perhaps, donate it to charity."


There is so little class visible in the celebrity world today it is not worth watching. Thank you, COVID, where's my book?

Richard Murdock

North Aurora

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