Trump's COVID-19 response disastrous

Updated 9/8/2020 9:46 AM

Could COVID-19 make Trump a hero? Three disastrous misjudgments by Trump say, "Never!"

1. After Jan 15, evidence and warnings were everywhere of the pandemic, yet he let the virus grow, monstrously, for two, unrecoverable months before acting.


2. He, reluctantly, agreed to limit public gatherings but after three weeks, wanted, irresponsibly, to reopen the economy again (Remember "fill the churches by Easter").

3. Even today, he persists in underestimating COVID's strength and still dismisses the critical need for face masks, ignoring the fact that 185,000 are dead and 300,000 of us are, innocently, likely asymptomatic, infecting 300,000 of our friends, families, neighbors and workers weekly.

This horrendous virus problem should have been settled two months ago, as in Canada and other competently led nations. Our kids from first grade through college would all be back in school right now. Instead, look at us. Trump has hurt us deeply.

Robert E. Griffith

Prospect Heights

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