Leadership brought state success against virus

Updated 7/9/2020 9:48 AM

"I went to visit family in Florida. They don't take this coronavirus as serious as Illinois," a friend told me several weeks ago. I was envious to hear how free Florida remained, while Chicago was undergoing lock-downs and quarantines.

A lot has happened since January 24, the day Illinois received its first confirmed case of this virus. While there is still so much unknown about what finally became known on Feb. 11 as COVID-19, our world, country, and the state has had to learn how to fight it while keeping our economy up and running. J.B. Pritzker did just that. From the moment he issued a disaster proclamation on March 09, until now being in Phase 4, he has handled the situation and our economy in a commendable manner.


The stay-at-home order that was issued on March 20, was alarming, seemingly dreadful, and worrisome, as it heightened the dangers of COVID-19. With rising unemployment, volatile stock market, students learning from home, and non-essential businesses shutting down, many were resentful to make adjustments.

On May 5, Pritzker presented the strategy to reopen our state. Being notified that our state finally has a plan, created a secure feeling in the midst of this fearful and unsettling time. As hard as quarantining was, I am glad we were on lockdown at the time that we were. It saved many lives

Watching Florida's daily jump in COVID cases is heartbreaking. They must develop a plan that works in their favor and balances the economy and their residents' safety, just like our governor did. I truly feel good knowing we have a governor who genuinely cares about our state and its people.

Sushila Jackson

West Chicago

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