Police presence is to protect Black Lives

Updated 6/28/2020 10:44 AM

The "injustice watch analysis" written by Mr. Carlos Ballesteros, in the June 14 Daily Herald couldn't be further off the mark. He apparently has not watched the 10 o'clock news, over the past few years. If he had, he would know about all the shootings and murders south of Roosevelt road that led to the increase in police protection. The increase is because Black Lives Matter.

If he thought logically, he would understand that the purpose of the increased police presence is to protect those Black Lives. Part of a just and fair system is a police presence that protects those Black Lives, allowing the law-abiding citizens, to live in peace and safety. Chicago's previous Mayor and Mayor Lori Lightfoot, understand very clearly that concept.


Perhaps the lower rate of murders solved is due to a lower number of murders south of Roosevelt Road. Fewer police officers will do nothing to lower the violent response by a small minority of officers. Only common sense training and increased diligence on the part of the Commissioner will reduce these violent responses.

Also, a union contract that discourages the union representatives from involving themselves in disciplinary issues that is a police supervision problem.

In my opinion, it is not clear that the money can be better spent elsewhere. I see no evidence that increased social programs encourage people to feel productive and proud of their accomplishments. Increase spending for all police departments, designed to provide a more comprehensive presence that will discourage unlawful activities.

The looting and violent activities during the recent demonstrations is a direct result of inadequate numbers of police officers. We do not need to be a police state, but better coverage would go a long way to protecting all lives, not just Black Lives.

Michael J. Singer

Arlington Heights

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