Voting by mail:Fact or fiction?

Updated 6/22/2020 10:40 AM

The current administration does not favor Vote by Mail for concern it will result in more votes being cast and result in new leadership. This is hardly a rationale for dissuading people from voting by mail.

Despite the views presented by Jeanne Ives, Vote by Mail is not "an opportunity to advance their radical agenda." a view she attributed to Democrats.


Also, additional costs to vote by mail would be minimal as protocols already are in place in each state to address absentee voting/voting by mail.

Ives gave examples of printing, mailing, securing and counting mail-in ballots to support her assertion that voting by mail "would be an absolute disaster."

To claim that this is a prohibitive factor is nonsensical rhetoric. Five states currently use voting by mail for all elections.

They have done so for years and have not collapsed or encountered excessive voter fraud or failure of votes to be delivered and counted. Colorado is one of the five states with 95% of the voters satisfied with Vote by Mail.

Colorado provides data showing that costs have dropped by 40%.

Voting is basic to our voice being heard.

We currently have a fact-based congressman in Sean Casten who embraces all forms of voting. A congressman who is responsible to his constituents, educates them on proposed legislation.

Whether by absentee ballot, early, in-person or by mail, VOTE!

Evelyn Thomason

Lake Barrington

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