Owners and players, think about the fans

Updated 6/22/2020 10:37 AM

I write this on June 17, and we are being teased again about a possible 2020 baseball season. Players and owners finally met face to face to iron out their differences.

It's about two months too late. If either side was concerned about the fans, they would have met months ago. Instead, the owners took weeks to generate their own restart plan to present to the players who than summarily rejected the plan and refused to negotiate.


I don't believe Bill DeWitt when he says you don't make money by owning a baseball team. I don't believe Blake Snell when he says he's worried about the health concerns when the players continually propose more games than the owners.

But what I really don't believe is that the players and owners both don't realize who actually pays the bills. I'll keep it simple: it's the fans!

Enough is enough. Over 40 million people lost their jobs over the past three months. Millions are fighting depression. Thousands have lost their lives. And both players and owners posturing for the next collective agreement and arguing about hundreds of millions that may vanish if you don't treat the fans better.

You have one last chance. Don't blow it. Be humble and generous, and not just with other people's money. Show the fans you care. It's not that hard.

Dave Bostick


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