'Fair Tax' would help schools, governments

Updated 6/8/2020 10:03 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing life for all of us and, as a public school employee, I am aware of the impact this pandemic is having on students' academic growth and social emotional health. It is important that all of us do everything we can to support students and their families during this time.

One way to provide that support is by voting in favor of the Fair Tax Amendment this November. Changing our income tax from a flat tax to a graduated tax would provide desperately needed funding for schools and other services. Under this amendment only those with incomes higher than $250,000 will pay more in taxes, and in turn relieve the tax burden on people making $250,000 or less. Those against the Fair Tax have used scare tactics to convince voters to vote no in November, but Fair Tax reform does not mean an increase in income taxes for all Illinois residents.


Under the Fair Tax, the wealthy will pay more while the rest of us will pay the same or less in taxes. Right now our unfair flat income tax system is the opposite, with the wealthiest paying less in state and local taxes as a share of their income than the majority of Illinois taxpayers. Now more than ever, it's time to finally reform our tax system and join the 34 states that have a graduated tax. I urge everyone to vote Yes for the Fair Tax amendment this fall.

Laura Miller Hill

St. Charles

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