Integrity and leadership

Updated 5/22/2020 11:00 AM

Great article by Keith Peterson on Wednesday about integrity in government.

The United States used to be the epitome of integrity. Not anymore. If you don't have integrity in your leaders, you will have chaos and crime, and we do.


In order to bypass all rules and oversight, Trump has dismissed four inspectors general and many others who were not loyal to him.

A problem with this is that his loyal followers are not loyal to the American people, and I would say it is the people's government, not Donald Trump's government.

Isn't he supposed to be serving us, not destroying our way of life?

Yes, he favors oligarchs and many say he is an autocrat who has surrounded himself with like-minded oligarchs.

But he is destroying our democracy and all we hold dear. He must be impeached again or voted out.

Diane Benjamin


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