Evangelical movement disrupting country

Updated 2/26/2020 4:24 PM

As a Christian, I have been looking at Christianity in America. I see a vase representing Christianity that has fallen and shattered into pieces. Unfortunately, some of the pieces have decided they are the whole and it has brought division. The white evangelical movement piece that has made its way into the White House is of concern to me. I cannot find biblical references to some of their premises.

Referring to the Constitution, I found that the Bible was one of many sources used. One Nation Under God was not introduced until the 1950s. Nowhere does it say the Christians alone are entitled to America.


I also found that most Muslims and people of color are not trying to take over the country. Most are just trying to make their way. This is all fear based. The Bible says, "Fear not." The left, as they call it, are for the most part not trying to take them over either. There are a lot of good people that have Democratic Party values, and some are Christians like me.

As a child, we were told not to take candy from strangers or play with the bully down the street. Yet the white evangelicals almost worship the president who lies and defies morals and they take candy from him. No wonder the children are confused.

The white evangelical movement is a piece of the shattered vase that should return to the rest, so we can put things back together and give God the Glory.

Marjorie Logman


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