Explanation, please

Posted2/13/2020 9:39 AM

Please have someone explain how:

1) It's a "crime" to walk out of a meeting with a foreign agent; but not a crime to hire one to report gossip from foreign sources (Steele report);


2) it's "preconceived outcome" to have the Senate review charges in a process to "convict" someone, but not on issues the House had claimed to be "impeachable" on Election Day;

3) it's "a violation of their sworn duty" that the Senate won't make rules for reviewing those charges that the House doesn't see will simply confirm their allegation;

4) it's "bias" for the Senate to refuse to continue an investigation that is the responsibility of the House by not calling witnesses the House refused to legally compel to testify, but not bias for refusing witness requests by the House opposition; and,

5) it was "for the sake of the nation and to preserve the Constitution" that the impeachment process had to be done quickly, but now we must delay the Senate's decision on the charges by not giving them the investigation results to review?

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Perhaps censure would have been the better course of action for these hypocrites.

Bill Voda


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