Waste, poor management at township road district

Posted2/7/2020 1:00 AM

According to McHenry Township Road District property inventory records, the district has a grand total of $15,227,007.51 worth of buildings/facilities, machinery and equipment. This is a taxpayer "ripoff' of the district's hard-working families and senior citizens being taxed out of their homes.

The deluxe McHenry Township Road District has a 250 count of equipment, trucks, plows, sanders, tractors, chain saws, etc. There are 16 dump trucks, worth about $2 million, 31 plows worth about $250,000, 14 sanders worth about $61,000, six tractors worth about $200,000 and 10 chain saws worth about $18,000. One chain saw cost $1,367.99.


The following is a list of the road districts high end inventory: Sweeper $194,016, Mack Dump Truck $177,485, Mack Dump Truck $168,228, Mack Dump Truck $158,467, John Deere Loader $153,904, Paint Striping Machine, $147,995, Dump Truck $134,400, Aerial Lift $130,685, Anti-ice Dispenser, $111,126, Boom Mower $80,495, Case Back Hoe $77,777, John Deere Skid Steer $61,000, Salt Conveyor & Hopper $51,800, Ford Pickup $39,475, Ford Tractor Sweeper $27,905, Sandbagger $24,877, Stump Cutter $20,00, and Traffic Sign Making System $19,980.

Note: There are nine municipalities, that are completely or only partially within the boundary of the McHenry Township Road District whose roads are not plowed or serviced by the McHenry Township Road District. However, these residents pay over 80% of the property taxes to fund the McHenry Township Road District's operation. This is a taxpayer ripoff of municipal property owners.

McHenry Township Road District has too much staff, oversalts its roads, (not good for the environment) and overplows its roads (wastes fuel).

McHenry Township Road District? A culture of nepotism, patronage, cronyism, waste and overtaxing its residents.

Bob Anderson

Wonder Lake

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