The gift of local news

Updated 12/15/2019 1:44 PM

This fall, I attended one of the Daily Herald "Facts Matter" programs in Arlington Heights where the topic was the impact on a community from the loss of local news. Studies are showing as local newspapers close throughout the U.S., there is increased partisanship and polarization along with a decrease in the quality of local politics, an increase in government costs and a decrease in a healthy environment.

Many people now choose to get their news online, where algorithms impact which stories will be pushed to the top. As people stop subscribing to local print newspapers, advertisers stop spending money on print ads and the loss of revenue forces local newspapers to eliminate personnel, including journalists.


As a child, I read the Sunday comics (just like your editor John Lampinen) which led to a lifelong passion for reading newspapers. As we enter the holiday season, what a wonderful gift we can give to our children and grandchildren by buying them a subscription to the print version of the local newspaper. I am grateful for my local newspaper and the persistent, quality reporting that it offers all of us.

Laura Davis


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