Actual fake news is Republican

Posted12/3/2019 1:00 AM

From recent Daily Herald letters, I'm amazed that people support a president who lies constantly, then repeat his lies.

Actual "fake news" anticipating the 2016 election from Republicans and Russian interference was crying "Crooked Hillary" to vilify her even after proven of no wrongdoing. Then there was Trump's "no collusion"; yet, the Mueller Report concluded that Trump obstructed justice eight times to cover up the Russian collusion inquiry. Six of Trump's close associates are now going to prison for their part.


Recent letters say, "your party has not gotten one thing done." Informed people know the Democrats passed 400 bills since controlling the House that Republican Senate Leader McConnell ignores. One writer suggested that Republicans support their families "without handouts," yet the highest federal aid recipients are seven states controlled by the Republican Party.

What is Trump doing that is good? Is it his tariff war that's bankrupting farmers and crippling the steel industry? Is it his 2017 tax bill that gave vast tax breaks to the wealthy as everyone else got almost nothing? Is he busy doing a good job spending nearly 1/4 of his days in office at his golf properties for a $110 million cost to taxpayers? And Trump still hides his tax returns as he profits from his businesses, while he mocks the Constitution's emoluments clause as "phony."

Now, there's Trump's impeachment for withholding funds for dirt on a political opponent. It's become clearly evident it was a constitutional high crime of bribery, yet his supporters parroted it as a "witch hunt."

One letter writer repeated the fake meme, "The Democratic Party hates Trump more than they love this country," when in fact, we detest him because he loves his fake self more than our country.

Keith Marvin

Hanover Park

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