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Updated 12/2/2019 6:14 PM

Re: Support for a clean energy economy is growing

The world's top scientists have been warning us for years that our global carbon emissions are causing our planet's climate to rapidly change. We see this locally with the seasons shifting and increased precipitation and flooding. I am an environmental scientist and a mother, and I see the impacts of climate change every day. I am concerned about what kind of quality of life my son and future generations will have.


The message is clear, we have to take immediate action to dramatically reduce our pollution in order to prevent the worst impacts of climate change. Specifically, recent reports point to the need to stop adding anymore pollution than we can remove -- in short, moving rapidly to a net zero or 100% clean economy by 2050.

Boosting clean energy production and getting our country on a path to a 100% clean economy is necessary and achievable.

It will require innovative approaches for every sector of the economy meaning more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, manufacturing plants that run cleanly and efficiently, and modernized transit systems. Innovation is what drives our economic system and we need this innovation to have a habitable planet.

Intact ecosystems are essential for our economy in many sectors, specifically the fishing industry and agriculture.

The good news is many of these investments and policy initiatives are well underway.

A bill introduced in Congress, H.R. 5221, will put our country on this important path to a 100% clean economy by 2050. It's called the 100% Clean Economy Act, and luckily we have environmental champions like Rep. Lauren Underwood who have stepped forward to join the growing coalition that supports this legislation. At this crucial time, we can't afford anything less

Ashley Staat


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