Political cooperation, a fairy tale

Updated 12/2/2019 6:11 PM

Please consider this letter in response to "Don't Drink The Water," by David Wanaski of Schaumburg. He inspired me to write my own fairy tale ...

A long time ago, in a well-respected democracy far, far, away, there was a kingdom where the people and their elected president coexisted and cooperated. One day an evil spray-tanned Dictator King poisoned the well that all the Republicans drank from, causing them to sell their souls to the evil king and become brainwashed Trumpists.


Meanwhile, the true Americans and Patriots, known as Democrats, noticed this Dictator King appeared different from any previous President, particularly the one he succeeded and secretly envied, the well-loved and admired President Barack Obama, who spoke in complete sentences.

The intelligent, rational Democrats concluded from their factual investigations that this Dictator King was unfit for office and must be impeached. Spellbound Trumpists denied the facts presented, deflecting to a previous insignificant presidential candidate and a kingdom known as Benghazi.

One glorious day, the king accidentally drank from the poisoned well to wash down some fried chicken sent to him from the state of Kentucky. Doing so caused him to solicit information from a foreign government about another fellow countrymen to be used for his own personal gain, compromising national security in the process.

His act broke the spell on the Trumpists, turning them back into Lincoln Republicans. At that magical moment, they regained their senses, realizing that a country divided against itself cannot stand. They joined their fellow countrymen and unanimously impeached the evil Dictator King, as well as his evil backup, Mike Pence.

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With peace and harmony restored, Nancy Pelosi became the rightful President of the United States. The restored Republican Party began working together with Democrats as one nation. Together they enacted brilliant policies based on compromise and mutual respect as the Framers intended. Hand in hand, they realized that working together is the only way to make america great again.

Louis Guagenti

Arlington Heights

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