Letter: Joe Maddon fulfilled Cubs fans' dreams

Letter to Daily Herald editor
Posted11/16/2019 1:00 AM

I had hoped to write "Thanks for Joe; thanks to Joe." But the Cubs showed the bad judgment of not only letting Joe Maddon go, but of not hiring Joe Girardi either.

Much has been made of how catchers are natural leaders, so managing experience may not be necessary. Yet I would far prefer a catcher who grew up a Cubs fan, not only played for the Cubs, but showed considerable leadership even during those, his first few years in the majors, won National League Manager of the Year his first year as a manager, then managed the New York Yankees for 10 years, winning a World Series.


My main message, however, remains expressing my appreciation to Joe Maddon. He fulfilled every Cub fan's dream! He did that while showing far more respect for the "long-suffering" Cubs fans than any of his predecessors. Very few people possess his remarkable blend of wisdom and intelligence. We were lucky to have him!

I like David Ross -- who wouldn't? He's a World Series hero! I only wish he could have served as Joe Maddon's bench coach first, until Joe chose to retire.

Bruce Bedingfield

Hoffman Estates

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