President's actions a threat to democracy

Updated 11/13/2019 9:27 AM

Reader Donna Lambert recently voiced her amazement at the continuing GOP support for Trump. I find it similarly vexing, but in view of history and a perspective of being an escapee from what was Communist Germany, I think it's not hard to understand.

For our Republican leadership, it is a combination of, despite in most cases their own dislike of the man, 1) they are getting their way with their conservative agenda, and 2) more significantly, they are all afraid of incurring his wrath and name calling if they were to stand up to him.


The latter is incredibly important for folks to understand, because it is part of the underpinnings of totalitarianism.

Trump continues to side with dictators and despots, has no respect for the law as it should apply to him, has expressed admiration for Xi Jingping's life term and how he wished it were so in the U.S., and sees a crown on his head when he looks in the mirror.

People, be very much afraid of this rapid erosion of our precious democracy and vote accordingly next year, with a concern for and commitment to democracy, not just your past party affiliation.

Reinhard Metz


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