Supporters want Trump to defy elites

Updated 11/12/2019 2:16 PM

Kim Freitag's letter of Oct. 19 was a very well-written scathing attack on President Donald Trump. He was accused of shredding the Constitution, lacking social and civic graces, flirting with treason vis-a-vis Russia, enriching himself from public funds, attack on the "free" press, being a dictator, being an existential threat (whatever that means), he violates all norms and rules of expected behavior. But that is exactly why 63 million of us elected him. The old elites became corrupted by power.

These fabrications, exaggerations, outlandish predictions and outright lies were and are foisted on us 24/7 by CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.


At this time of political chaos, the Democrats" hopes to find evidence to impeach the president were shattered when the Mueller investigation (witch hunt/hoax) came up empty, no Russian collusion.

Undaunted, the Democrats and their collaborators (dishonest media) continue their pursuit and dream of impeachment. This time: Ukrainian hoax of quid pro quo.

Before the facts were in, Speaker Pelosi declared an impeachment "inquiry."

The House Judiciary Committee under the chairmanship of Adam Schiff conducts the inquiry. From the Mueller days, Schiff distinguished himself as a congenital liar and a true party hack. He declared that the inquiry will be behind closed doors. So much for fair play and open inquiry.

Democracy dies when tyrants rise to rule and the Law becomes a footnote.

Laszlo Stephan


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