Republican reckoning

Updated 11/12/2019 2:16 PM

The facts of the impeachment hearings into the most lawless, corrupt and anti-Constitutional president in American history will be witnessed with live Congressional testimonies by America and the world and will be a reckoning for the Republican Party.

The world is watching as traitors to their Constitutional oath of office in Trump and his GOP co-conspirators are destroying our country, to Putin's delight, by turning America into Russia West.


This corruption is creeping into every crevice of our government and controlled by America's fascist oligarchs in the Koch-Mercer-Devos cabal of sociopathic billionaires who own our White House, administration, Congress and Supreme Court.

The Republican sycophants in Congress and the right wing propaganda machine are supporting and defending a literal treasonous felon who sides with authoritarian despots while alienating our allies. He uses the power of the Oval Office to bribe and extort world leaders for his own political and financial gain.

As the corruption comes to light in these impeachment hearings, Republicans and their voters will face a reckoning and reconciliation. How long will they defend this lifelong pathological liar, con man, fraud, racist, serial abuser and criminal debasing our nation, democracy and rule of law? And, how long will they sacrifice their own moral, ethical, legal, fiscal, constitutional and Christian values in depraved defense of this person destroying America?

Only time will tell.

Bob Janz


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