Dangerous politics over racial divisions

Posted8/18/2019 1:00 AM

My father came through Ellis Island when he was 19 years old, followed all the laws, became a skilled machinist, raised his family in Chicago, and was a patriot with one son becoming a Marine and the other an Army captain. My mother was born shortly after her parents came through Ellis Island and were required to change their names to become more American. They did so without complaint.

I find the current political climate to be one of serious concern. I grew up in an America in which the Democratic Party controlled the Southern states and did everything in their power to prevent black Americans from having equal rights. It was a shameful situation that has thankfully been significantly changed.


But now the national Democratic Party seems to be attempting to win a presidential election at all costs, even if that means dividing America on the basis of race. They portray themselves as being the only party that cares about people of color and suggest, not too subtly, that Republicans are racists.

It is their fundamental platform. I doubt it will win them an election, but It can create an angry, divided America which can last for years after the election, with dangerous repercussions for all of us. (Perhaps the Russians are involved after all).

Russ Hagberg



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