Writer asked the wrong question

Posted8/14/2019 1:00 AM

In your Aug. 2 "Your Views," Victor Darst was confused as to what kind of person would vote for Donald Trump. Hopefully he reads the input from Robert Goray as to his frustrations trying to approach Democratic Rep. Sean Casten in Washington with issues regarding small business owners in Illinois.

Living in a state that is and has been under Democratic control for as long as I can remember should fully explain the support of Donald Trump. We are not vile, uneducated people that are incapable of making intelligent decisions. Instead we are the small business owners (45 years tool and die) who are struggling to find a way to retire as planned and want our voice heard.


If you are not a small business owner, you will never be able to relate to the struggles of survival in the state of Illinois. We have seen our business and personal wages decrease steadily since 1993. We have at times taken our own money to reinvest in the business for survival. If you are a teacher (God bless) or a retired employee of the state, you are enjoying the benefits our state provides by those mismanaging the pensions.

So perhaps instead of wondering why people voted for Trump, Mr. Darst might question his party as to what they can do to get our votes.

Leslie Kleiner


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