Complaints about Trump are unfounded

Posted7/12/2019 1:00 AM

An individual from Barrington wrote in the July 2 letters to the editor criticizing the Trump administration and his supporters.

The list included alleged sex scandals, and if any are true, occurred years ago and not while in office.


Collusion with foreign powers -- again alleged by Democrats who are rabid in their efforts to remove our duly elected president from office with lies, smears and endless investigations and not proven through 2-1/2 years of the Mueller witch hunt.

Nepotism -- it appears those family members are doing an adequate job in their appointed positions. He states that our American leadership is an embarrassment. I can agree with that if he is speaking of the do-nothing Democratic House of Representatives. But, the Trump administration has accomplished a great deal even under duress imposed by the Democratic House, which has done zilch for American citizens.

Perhaps they are too busy trying to provide in every way possible for immigrants here illegally. He says America has gotten raw deals from the rest of the world; however, Trump has not kowtowed to foreign countries and has demanded they pay their fair share, whether NATO, trade, etc. The U.S. is held in esteem by most of them, though grudgingly.

Also, I disagree with his opinion that the U.S. may not be the best country on earth, but probably one of the best. Well sir, it is the best and the greatest country on earth and has been for many years and I pray will be forever. In conclusion, I want to say if you are satisfied with decades of double-tongued, two-faced, lying, do-nothing politicians, that is your choice. I feel President Donald Trump and ever-Trumpers think differently -- "lead, follow or get out of the way!

Paul Saam


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