Let's find balance on matters of touching

Posted4/18/2019 1:00 AM

First let me say, I am a woman who respects the rights of all people when it comes to unwanted physical "touching." But I also believe in being comfortable enough in one's skin to stand up to another adult, and let them know that they are making you uncomfortable, giving the person the opportunity to apologize and put an end to their unsolicited touching.

In regards to the recent allegations made by two women against Joe Biden, I have some thoughts.

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In 1972, Joe Biden had to bury both a wife and a 13-month-old daughter who were killed in a car accident. In 2015, he buried his 46-year-old son Beau, who lost his battle with brain cancer. After losing his wife and daughter, he had to play the role of both mother and father to his other three children. He found himself in a place where he had to play the nurturer. That not only means making sure your children feel loved, but that they also need hugs and kisses. Joe Biden is an affectionate man.

I believe that in order to fully understand and respect the "Me Too" movement, in regards to the victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, we need to make sure we keep things in perspective.

Yes, we must be mindful of other people's personal space, and be able to read what people may or may not be comfortable with. However, I ponder the what-ifs. What if we stop shaking hands? What if we stop hugging each other? What if we find ourselves walking around with invisible shields around us?

Humans need other humans. We have an instinctive desire to be touched, and to be loved, don't we? Let us carry on with the wisdom to know when "to" and maybe more importantly, when "not to."

Lisa Goranson


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