Vote out incumbents on Schaumburg board

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

Relying on what has been in place for years is not in Schaumburg's best interests. I knew Al and respected him but he should have stepped down eight years ago. Tom Dailly has pretty much been a Larson rubber stamp including wasteful spending on Wise Road median plantings.

Now, somehow, he is going to cut the Schaumburg portion of our real estate tax bill by 5 percent. Why didn't he propose these cuts two, three or four years ago? Al didn't want them, that's why.


As far as the other incumbents, kick them all out. If you want Scott Felgenhauer, as I do, vote for Scott and no one else. A vote for someone else is, to me, a vote against Scott.

David Krein


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