Elect candidates who will cut taxes

Posted3/27/2019 1:00 AM

Does anyone on the Daily Herald Editorial Board live within the U-46 school taxing district? If they do, they would know that our property tax contributions to U-46 are far and away the biggest item in that bill year after year. Yet you have now come out in favor of four U-46 school board candidates who have no intention of lessening our property tax burden.

The state will give U-46 over $50 million in additional state funding and the candidates you support would use that money to "gild the lily" rather than hold the line on school spending. Isn't it time the taxpayer got a break and U-46 learned fiscal responsibility?


Keep the school board members we have now who are committed to living within a budget. With shrinking enrollment, questionable achievement ratings and taxpayer resistance to higher taxes, now is not the time to spend the new money on some "pie in the sky" programs with limited benefits for the kids in the school district or perhaps to make life more comfortable for the U-46 teachers and administration.

Quit driving us out of our homes. Learn to live, as we do, within our means.

Tom Petersen


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