President Bush, we salute you

Updated 12/7/2018 11:52 AM

As I watch the nation honor President George H.W. Bush, I feel a sense of hope for the future of America. Mr. President, thank you for serving our nation with such valor. T

hank you for providing the example of living an exemplary life.


Thank you for being a total class act and deserving of our utmost respect. Thank you for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Thank you for confronting Saddam Hussein. Thank you for presiding over the official end of the Cold War.

Thank you for the Clean Air Act.

Thank you for your personal fight against the horrors of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Thank you for your love of freedom and your unwavering quest to improve the lives of all Americans.

Regardless of our politics, we ought to come together to celebrate the life of a man whose principles, class, perseverance and love possess the power to help us heal our world today.

These are extraordinarily difficult days for the state of our union. Regardless, members of both parties, public servants of all stripes and citizens of all creeds pay their utmost respect to a man who embodied the tenacity of the American spirit.

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My friends, never forget that with great difficulty comes even greater happiness. However, if I were Putin or MBS, I would not be laughing, cajoling or hand-slapping; instead, I would understand that America is resurgent once more and the next generation is ready to grab the baton and run toward the formation of a more perfect union.

Thank you, President Bush. My generation and all Americans salute you.

Henry Wilson


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