Understand traditions of military cemetery

Updated 11/19/2018 6:43 PM

After reading the recent article in the Daily Herald titled "Would rifle volleys bother residents?" I question whether South Barrington Mayor Paula McCombie does in fact "support veterans" as she proclaims. I find her comments to be selfish, insensitive, disrespectful and misleading. Mayor McCombie suggests that "firing guns off three to five times a day in a residential district" will disturb the peace of nearby residents. Mayor McCombie's statement makes it seem as if dangerous armed vigilantes firing live rounds will be running around the proposed sacred grounds shooting things up several times a day.

Mayor McCombie's statement sounds unappreciative, uncaring, unpatriotic and is simply wrong on many levels. The men and women who will call the cemetery their final resting spot are the finest our great country has to offer. They have dedicated a portion of their lives to fight for our freedoms and rights. Some giving the ultimate sacrifice, their lives.


Mayor McCombie obviously doesn't know or perhaps care that military funerals are deep in tradition and symbolism. The symbolic three round volleys, which are blanks by the way, are fired by trained honor guards at military funerals and represent a ceasefire during battle when deceased troops would be removed from the battlefield and properly cared for.

I find it hard to believe the citizens of South Barrington would feel inconvenienced by hearing the traditional volleys. In fact I hope they would take just a few seconds out of their day and say to themselves and their children "we have lost another hero, thank you for your service and may you rest in peace." I have faith that the residents of South Barrington will voice their opinion, a voice that is guaranteed to be heard thanks to our courageous veterans.

Rich Williamson


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