Small business health care options

Updated 11/5/2018 11:16 AM

The Trump administration has created a lot of confusion through recent changes and misinformation about the Affordable Care Act, but it's crucial that Illinois small-business owners and their employees know they can still find quality coverage through

It's important to be aware that open enrollment is shorter than it once was, beginning Nov. 1 and ending Dec. 15 this year. Deep cuts to advertising and enrollment assistance may also make it harder to find the information needed to enroll, but many organizations like Young Invincibles are stepping up to fill this gap.


Purchasing insurance through the ACA marketplaces remains a great option for Illinois small businesses that want quality, affordable insurance. In fact, more than half of all ACA marketplace enrollees nationwide are small business owners, solo entrepreneurs or small business employees. What's more, Illinois' average premium increase is projected at just four percent next year.

The ACA remains law and it's important for small business owners, employees and self-employed individuals to learn about their options now to make sure they are covered for 2019.

Geri Aglipay, Illinois Outreach Manager

Small Business Majority

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