A candidate for Illinois families

Updated 9/24/2018 12:47 PM

I received the most disheartening news recently from some members of my family. They said they were considering moving out of Illinois. My initial thought was that this was due to a job transfer or desire to live in an area with warmer weather year around. Instead, they may leave Illinois because of the massive state debt and declining economy here in Illinois due to the terrible governmental stewardship over the past decades. How have we allowed our state to get to the point where people are fleeing Illinois faster than any other state in the country?

This worries me greatly and should worry us all. Our state continues to decline in opportunity for people, families and businesses with no possible end in sight. We need to elect politicians who understand the need for opportunities for our next generation and the generations to come. As a parent, I want my family to stay in Illinois. I grew up in Illinois and I would like my family to do the same.


When I heard that Rick Lesser was asked to run for state representative and that he had agreed to do so in the best interests of his children, grandson, as well as all of our families, I felt a real connection to his commitment. Mr. Lesser is running to help fix our state through fiscal responsibility, creating a better Illinois. He is the type of public servant I want representing my district: a family man who doesn't want to see our state ruined to the point where our children and grandchildren no longer have a future here. How can we not be in support of that?

If you want to see our state fixed and want a better Illinois for your family, please consider Rick Lesser for state representative.

Jes Strong

Lake Bluff

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