Town hall wasn't set up to listen to voters

Updated 8/30/2018 2:10 PM

In response/companion to the Daily Herald article, "Are you better off now? Hultgren asks audience about tax cuts. 'No,' most say" by James Fuller:

Last Monday, I attended my first town hall meeting as a constituent of Illinois' 14th congressional district for the federal House of Representatives. Having lived in the district for six years, Randy Hultgren has been my only representative. He has not met with his constituents. He has not publicly debated his opponents since 2010. This meeting appeared to be the first time Randy Hultgren would discuss the issues with the people who voted him into office.


Constituents were asked to preregister online. The website did not work, I registered twice and never received confirmation. Others successfully completed registration, but were not sure if they were chosen to attend. The purpose of pre-registration unclear, I arrived at the American Legion Outpost in Wauconda to find my registration had not gone through. Staffers took my name and told me there was limited seating.

Upon inquiry, I learned Hultgren had no intention of speaking with us. There was no to line to ask questions. If we had a question, it could be written on a notecard screened by a couple Hultgren staffers, Hultgren responded to one by saying he wasn't quite sure what the author meant. He did not ask for clarification. A question about science and protecting our environment was answered with how amazing a cure for cancer would be.

With palpable tension, Hultgren finished his one-hour town hall by immediately escaping out the back door. Standing in the back of the room,

If you attend a Randy Hultgren town hall meeting, your voice will not be heard. Hultgren has a record of not listening to his constituents. He is making no plans to change. Make sure he hears your voice. Vote in November.

Erinn Vincent


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