Letter: Crystal ball portends future of incivility

Posted7/16/2018 1:00 AM

Consider incivility a social disease, a progressive malignancy. What would the future bring if the national sickness remains untreated?

It is July 2025, and President Donald Trump is into his third term (the 22nd Amendment had been abolished). Last year's election gave him 55 million votes (a 44 percent share), but a remarkable 363 electoral votes. A fractured Democratic Party ran two candidates.

The United States has abandoned Europe (NATO exists in name only), but a true working relationship with Russia is elusive. A scaled-down American foreign service leads to the closing of embassies.

Meanwhile, the half-completed southern border wall with Mexico has cost five times the amount projected and is increasing monthly. Designed to halt the flood of refugees from South America, the Trump Wall leaks. Mexican excavators routinely tunnel 35 feet below the surface.

Public anger flashes routinely in cities and state capitals due to economic inequality, sectionalism and blatant bigotry.

Published reports reveal the White House is considering televised public executions for traitors and internment camps for illegal aliens and seditious individuals. Trump remains cagey. "I dunno. We'll see."

By the mid-21st Century, historians may argue over whether Trump's tenure in office is the worst in history. Trump minions and Ultra-Liberals will debate through ideological lenses. Truth is in the mind of the beholder.

Scott Thomas


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