America is indeed a Christian nation

Updated 5/17/2018 10:36 AM

I wonder why I read so many articles these days where some people are saying that America is not a Christian nation.

The evidence of America's Christian heritage is carved into her monuments, engraved and printed on her currency, and pledged to her nation's flag.


The evidence is overwhelming. So why do some insist that it is not so?

I think I know why.

In the old western movies the challenging gunfighter would often say, "This town ain't big enough for the two of us."

I believe the reason some insist on challenging America's Christian heritage is because they cannot see America as being "big enough" to realistically accommodate their wants and needs along with those of her Christian citizens.

One must go and I am certain that they would like that one to be the Christians.

These people are blind to the things of faith. Christianity is foolishness to them. They cannot and will not see it.

But, what they do see clearly is that Christianity defines much of what they think and do as sinful or wrong.

And so, they openly oppose Christianity.

They are working hard to fundamentally change this nation so citizens are no longer held accountable to or judged by the Christian's God.

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It seems quite clear to me that some very powerful people, at any cost, will do all they can to erase America's Christian heritage and silence her Christian voices.

Charles Danyus

Round Lake Beach

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