Lake County Board is coming for your guns

Updated 5/14/2018 11:35 AM

At the March 18 Lake County Board meeting, District 11 Board Member Paul Frank suggested that the board should discuss and draw up a resolution supporting an Illinois state ban of "assault weapons."

So my friend and I attended the May 8, 2018, board meeting to express our disagreement with Paul Frank. We also intended to ask the board to make Lake County a "sanctuary county" for gun owners

Upon arriving, we were met by the communications director. She asked us to fill out a card explaining our topic. We wrote that we intended to express our disagreement with any kind of gun ban and we wanted the board to make Lake County a "sanctuary county" for gun owners.

She told us that we could not discuss that because it was not under the board's jurisdiction.

She left, so we sat down waiting to speak. Then I was approached by a chief deputy of the Lake County State's Attorney's Office. She told me that Lake County was not under "home rule" so our topics could not be discussed.

She threw the "home rule" law at me expecting us to leave. Then I had to make a big scene; shouting and demanding my right to speak. After a few minutes of heated debate, they did finally allow us to speak. I guess the board can discuss gun control but they don't want the public's opinion.

Lake County gun owners better keep an eye on the Lake County Board. Call your district board member. Tell them you oppose gun control. Go to the next meeting and express your outrage. Seems that Paul Frank and the Lake County Board are out to get your guns -- with or without "home rule."

Thomas Quigley

Round Lake Beach

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