What Trump may fear from Putin

Updated 4/24/2018 11:07 AM

Speculation has been rampant that Vladimir Putin is blackmailing Donald Trump to protect Russia from various American punishments, including sanctions. What could the blackmail include?

Trump has weathered extramarital affairs, prostitutes and not paying contractors. What could Putin have on him that would cause Trump to shake in his boots?


I have finally figured it out. In the last six months, an anti-Putin activist and his wife have been poisoned. They survived, barely. Recently, a journalist who was investigating Russian war crimes in Syria "fell" out of a fifth floor window. These are only a few of the incidents where those who worked against Putin saw their lives end violently.

Could it be that Trump refuses to criticize Putin and will not do anything to punish Russia because he is fearful of being thrown out an upper-story window in the Trump Tower or meeting even another more horrific fate?

This is the only idea that makes sense. I just hope that Republicans in Congress decide to impose their own "America First" policy and force him to enact policies that have been approved by Congress and that are in the best interest of our nation disregarding how it will affect Vladimir Putin and, in turn, Donald Trump.

Karen Wagner

Rolling Meadows

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