Give political parties their true names

Posted3/7/2018 1:00 AM

It should now have become apparent to everyone who follows the news that a debilitating condition has overtaken our country. On the one hand, we had Mr. Biss, who in the past few years, tried to address the horrible mess instituted by past politicians known as the pension debacle, and is now being excoriated daily in a commercial on TV by a teacher whining about how he tried to steal her hard-earned pension away.

On the other hand, we have that terrible shooting in Parkland, Florida, because according to all the NRA fanatics, every 18-year-old should own several automatic weapons so they can kill as many people as they can reach, as fast as possible.

All this indicates to me is that we no longer have a Democrat and Republican two-party system. In future, let's call them by their real names: the Public Employee Union Party, and the National Rifle Association Party, respectively. Neither Democrat or Republican can get elected without their backing.

Rosemary Colbert


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