Federal law as valid now as it was in 1960s


History and hard facts are inconvenient things to the left and in Oakland, California, yet another chapter of theater of the bizarre is on display again. Oakland's Democratic Mayor Ms. Schaaf has issued orders to Oakland police and "alerts" to community leaders. She has told the police to refuse to cooperate with ICE felony raids and she has told community leaders to "spread the word" of these impending felony ICE raids.

This is yet another California display of blatant disregard for federal law.

How can a local authority or even a state stand united in open and unlawful defiance of federal law? History proves an example of what the federal government did, and could do again, when a belligerent state refuses to follow federal law.

George Wallace (then governor of Alabama in the early 1960s) defied President Kennedy's orders to admit African American students into the University of Alabama. Kennedy first dispatched the attorney general and ultimately the National Guard to ensure that Go. Wallace complied with federal law.

These actions by Kennedy were hailed by Democrats as a moral imperative and the right thing to do. Where are those Democratic voices now? Don't federal laws apply to all states?

I believe that the Trump administration should take the following steps.

First, formally notify each and every "rebel" California public official that compliance with federal law is mandatory and those who commit overt or passive acts to undermine legal ICE actions will be arrested on charges of obstruction of justice.

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Second, Trump's Treasury Department should withhold any and all federal payments to California and its sanctuary cities until they fully comply.

And if this doesn't work -- well, I believe we still have a National Guard.

Dale Plautz

Round Lake

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