Don't watch the Super Bowl

Posted1/28/2018 1:00 AM

I am a Vietnam veteran and I have not watched a single NFL game for the past two seasons. Prior to this year my reasons were many, namely, most punts and kickoffs are touchbacks or fair catches, the defensive linemen were getting too big and injuring QB's who weigh over 100 pounds less, the ridiculous dancing even if the team is 14 or more points behind and the increasing scandalous behavior of the players.

This year, the kneeling just cemented my viewpoint. I could not get past it, and I began to not care who won or who lost. Once that happens, there is little incentive to watch a game. Now the NFL has refused to accept an ad that merely states "Please Stand," which they call political. Since when is patriotism political. And yet they allow kneeling which is somehow not political. I'm at a loss.

If you agree with my comments, I urge you not to watch the game. That is the only way to get a message to the owners that this anti-patriotism policy must stop. When I served my tour in Vietnam in 1969-70 I never watched an NFL game and I survived. I bet you will too.

Paul Ingevaldson

St. Charles

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