Trump is president, not our king

Updated 1/4/2018 3:43 PM

So the person in the White House states he has an absolute right to do whatever he wants with the Department of Justice. Like everything else this incredibly irresponsible person has said in the past, he shows a fundamental lack of understanding for his job.

The Department of Justice is not a toy to be used for personal vendettas. It is a wholly separate entity and must be run independently to his position. Of course, had we a fair and just attorney general, one who truly seeks justice without prejudice, this matter would be moot. But instead we have an AG with a checkered past toward racism and a current manner for toeing the line that is drawn by the narcissistic tendencies festering in one person.

America has been a democracy from its inception until today. It doesn't oscillate from this course for the individual malice of anyone. The structure is in place because our ancestors forced the hand of oppression until freedom was ours to manage. That freedom is in danger today by the reckless few who choose to ignore the liberty fought for by the many. It seems we now have a conflict against a pseudo-king that will once again be won through fortitude and unity.

Gary Lukens

Des Plaines

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