Let Senate make decision on the climate treaty

Updated 6/7/2017 1:24 PM

The primary carbon criminals on the planet are China and India, two nations with billions of people running pell-mell through their own industrial revolution.

Primitive coal plants are being built in both countries at the rate of multiple plants per week. America and Western Europe trail these two polluting giants by a measurable and significant degree.


Yet despite these facts, the Paris Climate Accords and EPA rulings issued subsequent to America's signing, put American businesses at risk immediately while allowing China and India another decade before "voluntary" emission control begins.

Now, who on earth thinks this is sensible policy? And the answer is of course. A) Obama ... B) Democrats ... C) Sierra Club and all their radical followers.

The obvious penalty Obama imposed on America is unforgivable but easily rectifiable because Obama, once again, used an executive order to sign the Paris Accord.

President Trump was wise to withdraw America from this one-sided, job-killing arrangement.

If the American people -- not Obama on his own -- think the accords are worthwhile, then let the Senate enact this "treaty" -- as only they have that constitutional authority.

Dale Plautz

Round Lake

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