High gas prices not oil companies' fault

Published6/28/2008 8:53 AM

With average gas prices across the nation now over $4 a gallon and a barrel of oil reaching a record shattering high of nearly $140 a barrel, as reported in the Daily Herald on Monday, June 9, "Gas hits all-time high price," who's to blame?

The public has been led to believe, aided by the media and advanced by politicians, that Big Oil greed is responsible for high gas prices and that only big government investment in alternative fuels will save the day. This is the mantra of Democratic politicians, and unfortunately that of Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain. Hence, like his Democratic cohorts, McCain is against drilling for oil either off shore or in ANWR and supports "cap and trade" which would stifle, if not destroy, the economic engine of this nation.


In responding to the "greenies," the Democrats have voted time and again over the last decade against measures proposed by Republicans that would have moved America along to becoming oil-independent. Drilling in federal land has been placed off limits by Democrats, as has off-shore drilling or drilling in ANWR. At the same time China, Cuba, Canada and other countries continue to drill off our shores where U.S. companies are not allowed to drill. Democrats in Congress likewise have opposed the building of new nuclear facilities and the use of clean coal technology. Right now there is from 3 billion to 4.3 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil in North Dakota and Montana in an area know as the Bakken Formation. Why isn't this oil being tapped?

Voters should be enraged. Call your senators and congressman and tell them to stop the nuisance and drill now! Unless Congress hears from the public it will continue to go its merry way, ruled by special interests groups who fill the coffers of their campaign chests, and not you and I, who bear the brunt of their irresponsible and self-serving politics.

Nancy Thorner

Lake Bluff

Obama a chance to redeem ourselves

Even in very early times, people needed someone to see that they were fair to each other. This was the beginning of government. Later people had kings to help them to act fairly. Often the kings themselves were not fair.

It appears that history does repeats itself in our state. Here the kings are called governors. Otto Kerner, Dan Walker and George Ryan didn't quite meet the standards of Adlai Stevenson, Dick Ogilvie, Jim Edgar or Jim Thompson! Where Rod Blagojevich is destined to appear on that list is yet to be determined.

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You don't have to fully succeed to be valiant. Consider Edward O'Hare, Brian Piccolo and Bessie Coleman to name just a few. This scale of justice is under the microscope for the history books even today. A woman from Illinois nearly became the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. An African-American residing in the Prairie State can join the likes of Lincoln, Grant and Reagan.

Yes, Illinois has had tainted and tarnished bouts with corruption on the highest level. Now, once again this fall, Illinois resolve will stand tall and proud on the ideals of fairness, of co-existence, in a land of opportunity.

Exercise this privilege to vote for "Hope. Action. Change."

Randy F. Gollay

Buffalo Grove

Dan Seals is part of political problem

From illegal gas give-away stunts that he gets fined for, to taking money from convicted felons, to pocketing money from his own campaign fund, Dan Seals has proven himself unworthy to be our member of Congress.

The last thing we need is another person in Congress who exhibits bad judgment.

The 10th District has always supported independent reformers, like Mark Kirk, who don't stand with the masses in Congress.


We can always count on Mark Kirk to be on our side here at home while Dan Seals has shown he will be just another Washington politician who will change positions more than a weathervane.

Send Dan Seals a message: We don't want another dishonest, do-anything-for-a-vote politician in Washington.

Brad Goodman

Buffalo Grove

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