Sidney Moore: 2022 candidate for Secretary of State

Posted5/28/2022 1:00 AM


Party: Democrat


Office sought: Secretary of State

City: Homewood


Occupation: Executive Director for Not for profit

Previous offices held: No


What personal background and experiences particularly qualify you for the role of secretary of state?

The Secretary of State is a position that is predominately Constituent/customer service based. I have over 30 years working in multiple arenas as a entrepreneur/business owner where I often Deal with time constraints, building bridges, analyzing future problems and learning how to fix them. As an owner one must always think about the customer and how to serve the public with the best customer service, offering the best line of products, while lowering fees/prices, and producing service timely and efficiently to our constituents. That is all people want.

How efficiently do you think the Secretary of State's office operates currently? What, if anything, would you do to streamline the office?

The Secretary of State office is doing a fine job, but everything can use some kind of improvement. By using technology to streamline services, we can free up space at the DMV facility. Another great way to streamline services would be to use self- service stations at DMV facilities and Community colleges. Self service stations are currently being used at bank, gas station and store. SSS (Self service stations) will offer customers quick in and out service. It's a great Idea.

Are there enough branch offices in Chicago, the suburbs and downstate?

It may not be enough locations, but we have to consider how to use the resources we currently have. such as, community colleges and libraries. these facilities already have the infrastructure in place to run a full driver service operation.

How would you rate customer service at secretary of state branch offices? If it needs improvements, how would you make them?

Everything can be made better. Some locations are not as bad as others. As we mentioned earlier the Secretary of State office needs innovative technology to help streamline services. One of my first priority will be to travel to various DMV facilities and sit down with employees who are everyday about what improvements they believe will help make these facilities run more efficient.

Are you satisfied with the rate of organ donation? Is this an appropriate initiative for the secretary of state? Should the office do more to promote the practice?

Organ donors and getting an organ are at a critical low point in the African American community. We need a liaison/public affairs division within the SOS office to deal with issues like organ donor donations, and build an awareness campaign that explain to the African American community why it should be more involved in giving.

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