Suburban Skyview: A gaggle of geese stretches shadows across the Fox River

Gaggle of geese stretches long shadows across the Fox River

  • Canada geese rest on the Fox River Tuesday in Elgin.

      Canada geese rest on the Fox River Tuesday in Elgin. Brian Hill | Staff Photographer

Updated 1/15/2022 5:19 PM

A gaggle of Canada geese cast long shadows in the winter sun while resting on the Fox River in Elgin.

This drone photo was taken from about 115 feet above the river as the morning sun caused the shadows to stretch and elongate, giving the birds an eerie look.


The large, wild geese, which are native to the temperate regions of North America, namely the Midwest, have adapted well to living in urban environments.

Some people consider them pests because they act aggressively toward people and leave a minefield of droppings to navigate.

The birds can usually be located close to an open body of water.

This gaggle was found hanging around the Fox River in downtown Elgin as the temperatures dropped into the teens.

The river, which is more than 200 miles long, flows from Colgate, Wisconsin to Ottawa, Illinois, and is a tributary of the Illinois River.

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