Rozner: Bears' search for QB the stuff of legend

  • Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace is heading into his seventh season at the helm and has produced just on winning season and zero playoff victories as the hunt for a franchise quarterback continues.

    Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace is heading into his seventh season at the helm and has produced just on winning season and zero playoff victories as the hunt for a franchise quarterback continues. Associated Press

Updated 2/21/2021 5:58 PM

You have to laugh.

There's no law that you must, but if you remain a fan of the Chicago Bears, a good laugh at your predicament is a choice versus a lengthy cry.


It's up to you.

Nevertheless, if you were to laugh at where the Bears are now, you would have a right, as they are totally desperate at Halas Hall and this was rather easy to predict.

No one with a pulse can possibly understand how GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy still have their jobs, but in allowing them further residence in Lake Forest, George McCaskey and Ted Phillips have given the big football brains a license to mortgage the future.

Even more than they already have.

Unless they have jobs for life -- which would better explain their current employment -- the current regime must find a quarterback and a way to win a Super Bowl next season.

Right? They can't possibly survive otherwise, right? Right?

This will be the seventh year for Pace at the helm and he has thus far produced one winning season and zero playoff victories. That is a startling record in a league of such extraordinary parity and awful quality that it takes about 15 minutes to rebuild a football team.

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So, imagine the Bears going 8-8 or 7-9 and Pace earning an eighth year atop the Bears' football operation. An eighth year. Now come on, if that doesn't make you laugh, nothing about Chicago sports can make you laugh.

Just as funny is the notion that Carson Wentz -- easily one of the worst quarterbacks in football in 2020 -- did not want to play for the Bears. Can't imagine why not, given Nagy's track record with quarterbacks, his square-peg philosophy and a weak offensive line.

Of course, as Wentz let the Bears know he didn't want them, the Bears let everyone know that they backed off that pursuit on their own.

Sure they did.

The Colts gave up a third-round pick and a conditional second that could become a first. And Ryan Pace would have balked at that?

This is a man who gave up three draft picks to move up one spot to take Mitch Trubisky, tricked into bidding against himself when no one else wanted Trubisky.


This is the same GM who paid Mike Glennon $18 million to start four games. He paid Trubisky $29 million in four years of brilliance. And he guaranteed Nick Foles $17 million.

If Virginia McCaskey is keeping score at home, that's $64 million for Glennon, Trubisky and Foles, not to mention the second pick in the draft for Trubisky, two third-round picks and a fourth to move up one spot, and a fourth-round pick for Foles.

And you're pretending Pace wouldn't have given up a first-round pick for Wentz if Pace thought he could win a Super Bowl?

The man needs to win immediately to save his job and mortgaging the future is the last thing he cares about. Besides, isn't a single pick worth winning a Super Bowl if you truly believe this is the perfect QB?

This is Ryan Pace, the man who surrendered all that franchise treasure for a college quarterback with 13 starts.

Yes, he would have given up whatever the Eagles wanted if Wentz had wanted the Bears.

This is what happens when you have a regime in total desperation, and it means the Bears will continue searching for their next Hall of Famer at quarterback before this game of musical chairs ends and they are left without a seat.

Forgive me, but the hope here is that they bring back Trubisky -- clearly a longshot at this point -- because it's just too delicious to think about Pace, Nagy and Trubisky together again.

As painful as it is, you have to admit there's something pretty funny about the band staying together for yet another season after so many bad ones.

That would be so Bears -- and probably worth a hearty laugh.

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